General Questions

What do we need to know to make you an offer?

We need to know a couple of details in order to make you a valid offer for your climbing gym flooring system:

  • The precise size and shape of the area that needs to be covered
  • The height and curves of walls and the material the mat will be laying on

We can get this information from the architectural drawings and the floor plan of your gym. The good news is we can also send our engineers on site to make all the necessary measurements and acquire all of the needed information. We will make sure your flooring complies with the safety standards for artificial climbing structures (EN 12572-1:2007, EN 12572-2:2008), gymnastic mats(EN 12503-1:2013), shock absorption(EN 12503-4:2013).

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How long does production, delivery and installation take?

The production process begins after we have discussed your needs and decided which safety mat is right for you. Production takes 2-4 weeks (depending on the type of safety mat). The delivery time is variable – it depends on your location and the scale of your order. Installation is completed within a week.

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What are the Climbmat flooring systems made of?

Each Climbmat flooring system consists of foam filling and a vinyl cover. The density and thickness of the foam varies depending the mat’s purpose:

  • A combination of higher and lower density polyurethane foam is used to absorb the impact of a fall from bouldering walls.
  • Lower density polyurethane foam with thin polyethylen foam on top is a variation of a walk friendly bouldering mat.
  • Plain 55mm thick polyurethane foam is used for the rope wall mats.

Field Testing Services

How long does the test take?

The Field Testing shouldn’t take more then 1 day.

Will i need to close the gym for the tests?

No, you don’t. We will just test certain sections of the gym and certain sections of the mat. No need to close the gym.

Do we require gym staff to be present?

It will be helpful to have one of your staff by our side, but not required.

How long will it last until we get the results?

You will get the results on site. However, a  full official report is sent to you within a few days of performing the tests.